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Hello to the two people who are our friends, and to anyone who visits this page in the future. We, that is to say, the unicorn club, have sadly disbanded. Well we actually just stopped making music and playing stuff. We're still friends!

People moved away, rehearsals became impossible, so the band died. Sorry to disappoint our two fans on lj. If you still wanna hear our music, I'm pretty sure the myspace is still up.

11 July 2006 @ 09:44 am
due to half our members being away on holiday right now the musical productions have kind of stopped. BUT NEVER FEAR!!! we have kept ourselves busy making UNICORN CRAFT!!

you can now place orders for unicorn club t-shirts!

THEY'RE CHEAP TOO!!! since we only charge you for the materials we use to make it (shirt and paint and stuff) it only ends up being like $10! how awesome is that?!?!

so come on all you fantastic unicorns out there! get a shirt, show your love of princess beautiful sparkle, gattikaius and sinstarion!

much love from the world of unicornia
Current Location: unicornia!!!!!!!
how're ya feeling?: unicornriffic
any groovy tunes?: mystical music from the glitter faeries in the magykyl glade
02 July 2006 @ 09:07 am
well now, how awesome is this. we have a community. this community is for ideas and feedback from you, comments, criticisms, anything you want. may the grace of unicorns grace you for eternity.